Electronic machine. Maquina electrónica.
Electronic machine. Maquina electrónica.
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Ibiza Lockers,  offers in the Island the first electronic self-storage for custody luggage, suitcases, bags,... Unique in the Ibiza, which allows you to use them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . Whatever the time of arrival or departure of your flight or boat to Formentera, while you are on the beach,... to enjoy your free time and with the confidence to leave your property without worrying about their surveillance.

Easy to use. Don't provides change, only coins but 0.10€, 0.20€, 0.50€, 1€ or 2€. In the main screen you will find the simple payment instructions step by step, in different languages. Keyless locks. Alarms are incorporated. Once entered your belongings and closed the door of his compartment, shall pay for two hours (minimum time set) and the machine will give you a token that will be introduced when collection, its advanced system on the screen will tell you how much you will pay the outstanding amount, in case your belongings saved time exceed 2 hours initials already paid. Payment of the amount and/or added time, activate the automatic opening of the door of his compartment.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep and maintain the token in a safe place, it is your access key. The loss of it needs you to contact Ibiza Lockers with consequent service payment. Check the TERMS OF USE on Products page of this web site.


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